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The real reasons why hoverboards are bursting into flame?

The real reasons why hoverboards are bursting into flame?

We are looking at the "explosive problem" from a different perspective. All experts and armchair critics do agree on one thing. that the culprit is the "knock off" battery pack and chargers. The crooks! It is no brainer.

The less obvious is that how did these inferior parts get into the hoverboard? That is much more complicated. There is always a fixed cost in building products. Eg. The Panasonic cell may cost $5.00 each. A battery pack of 10S2P will cost $130 to build. If you are asking for a hoverboard sellers (plenty in the hoverboard group) from China to Sell you at $165.00 each. You knew something have to give.

Chinese are culturally shy and seldom says no to potential customers. They are extremely obliging and "creative" to meet your needs. i.e. PRICE! That is where inferior parts started to seep into the manufacturing to meet your price point. See those unboxing video on youtube of the incredibly cheap price they brag about.

Doing business in China is unlike any place in the world. They make some of the best product in the world. e.g. iPhone. The skills come in where you buy the best quality product at the genuine low price possible. That usually take time and trust. A little guanxi will be helpful to open doors and inside of their manufacturing process. A site visit says a thousand words.

Remember talk quality first then price need to meet the quality you desire.
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